Agent Orange

Diseases & Defects

After the usage of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, many were discovered with diseases and defects that were caused by Agent Orange.  Disease that were found caused by Agent Orange, and the other herbicides that were part of the “Rainbow Herbicide”:

Acute and Subacute Peripheral Neuropathy- A nervous system that causes numbness, tingling and motor weakness to your body.

Chloracne- A skin disease that forms acne like bumps.

Hodgkin’s Disease- A disease that forms an enlargement of the lymph nodes, liver and spleen, when the lymph system cells start to grow uncontrollably.

Multiple Myelomo- Disorder that causes an overproduction of certain proteins from white blood cells.

Some who were affected by Agent Orange have also been diagnosed with diabetes, and cancer such as respiratory cancer, and prostate cancer.

As far as diseases and cancer go, many children in Vietnam were born with birth defects. About 500,000 children in Vietnam were born with birth defects after the Vietnam War. Some of the children were born as Siamese twins, no eyes, enlargement of the head, deformed hands and legs, and etc… Agent Orange has brought tragedy to Vietnam’s newborns.

Below, are a few photo's of diseases and birth defects that were caused by Agent Orange. For caption, please click on the photo.