Agent Orange

In conclusion, Agent Orange was an innovation to America, that was developed into a defoliant, and helped the United States Army during the Vietnam War to find the Vietnamese armies that were hiding under their dense jungles, and large canopies. Agent Orange was also a large impact to the U.S army, U.S government, and also to the Vietnam residents. It was a huge impact because the United States Government is now responsible to take care of the health affects that were caused by Agent Orange, but it has also been studied that the U.S government have only been paying little for these health affects and damage. There are other organizations who have been giving more money to Vietnam for the damage Agent Orange has done to their country. Still to date, Agent Orange leaves an impact to Vietnam, leaving their country with permanent scars from birth defects, sicknesses, cancer, and diseases that were caused by the defoliant used during the Vietnam War, Agent Orange.